100% Organic Produce

Fruits, veggies, greens and more! Our large selection of 100% USDA organic produce has the fresh staples you need to enjoy all-natural foods that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. We love to provide as much locally sourced items as possible, especially when in season.


From our ovens to your home, we have an extensive assortment of all-natural breads, muffins and desserts that are baked fresh in-house or by a trusted vendor just for you. We have endless options to ensure that you will always experience a tasty treat! If you prefer gluten-free or vegan, we have you covered too.

Beer & Wine

Our locally sourced favorites and award-winning classics are perfect for complementing any meal. Come find your new go-to drink of choice or try something new! Our selections of beer and wine are great for all occasions, all you have to do is browse our aisles and fill your glass! Check out our calendar of events for monthly wine and beer tastings!


You can buy as much or as little as you desire in our extensive bulk section. We offer all-natural fresh ingredients from coffee beans to nuts, seeds to sweets, dried fruits to herbs and much more. From a pinch of a new spice or a handful of your favorite chocolate covered peanuts, you’ll decide the quantity of what you’re paying for all while being eco-friendly!


Whether you’re ordering off our made-to-order menu or taking home items from the deli case, know that we take great pride in providing clean options to the health-minded community. We offer all-natural, clean, quality dishes and beverages. Our cafe offers sandwiches, soups & salads, fresh smoothies and more, made fresh daily. You will find a variety of gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and meat lover options too.

Dairy & Non-Dairy

Milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt, alternative non-dairy and more. We serve a variety of options depending on your needs. For all of our friends who are lactose intolerant or vegan, we carry a growing number of alternatives just for you. If you prefer grass fed dairy, we have that too! You can trust there no growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or artificial sweeteners in our products.


Fruits, vegetables, meals and of course, all of your favorite sweet treats, can all be found in our frozen food department. The benefits of buying frozen food can help you cut on costs and is convenient for preparing meals without worrying about anything going bad. We make sure each frozen item is up to our standards of all-natural, no artificial flavors or sweeteners and are overall good for your health!

Grab & Go

Life can be busy, we get that, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat healthy, fresh and delicious foods. Our cafe makes nutritious, ready-to-eat side salads, soups, sandwiches and more. We have gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian items, too. You can count on us for a clean meal, always ready for you to enjoy!


We offer real food that’s good for you, it’s as simple as that. In every aisle, you’ll find the best natural, organic, gluten-free, GMO-free and vegan foods. We have clean and healthy options for everyone depending on your dietary needs.


We carry the highest quality of sustainable meats from USDA approved to organic to grass-fed options. From fresh beef to all-natural poultry, we are passionate about bringing you a wide array of delicious and fresh meats at great prices. You can expect absolutely no growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives in our meat department.


We are a one stop shop for your basic household needs, and we only provide all-natural products on our shelves. Come in and grab cleaning supplies, laundry soap and all of those miscellaneous kitchen items. You can count on us to have great value items with trusted ingredients that are safe for your home.

Health & Beauty

We care about your wellness, and encourage you to nourish both the inside and outside of your body with pure, clean, all-natural health & beauty care products. That’s why we sell all-natural products such as skincare, cosmetics, hair care, fragrances and more for the entire family. Our products are cruelty-free with no synthetic ingredients, providing you with the best quality possible!

Pet Care

Keep your furry friends happy and healthy with our organic, all-natural food and treats. We know each pet requires something unique to their health and goals, and we’re here to help with all the specific dietary needs, preferences and sensitivities. We carry clean and natural products that we know your pets will love. They need food (and treats) with nutritional value just like us!

Specialty Cheese

The cheeses we offer are fresh, healthy and great quality. We have a variety of cheeses made from all types of milk, as well as vegan and gluten-free options, too! Whether you’re searching for the perfect party platter or a specialty cheese for a dish, we have plenty of fresh options with natural flavors for you to choose from!

Vitamins & Supplements

We’ve got vitamins, protein powders, herbs and more. Plus, our supplement standards don’t allow artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners to ensure you’re getting the most natural and clean products. We have all of the brands that your body will thank us for!